Don't let anything hold you back from learning. Use your time to reinforce what you know and learn new things!

Once a week. Free. Endless things to learn.



Our goal is to help underprivileged students and be a stepping stone in your path to more knowledge.

Students helping students


Why Us?


Each student will be provided a qualified tutor have personal tutoring sessions. This will ensure that all the needs of the student are met and maintain focus between the tutor and student so tutoring sessions are optimized.

Free of Charge

We would like to provide students with the opportunity to learn and better their education regardless of any outside factors. Therefore, Stepping Stone is offering free 30 minute long weekly tutoring sessions.

Subjects Offered

We offer over 20 courses for grades

2-9 such as math, computer science, english, and several languages. We also offer lessons on various activities. Tutors are all very knowledgeable and passionate in the subjects they teach.


Tutoring sessions are 30 minutes long all over Zoom and tutors are flexible with times so students can work with tutors to create a tutoring schedule that satisfies their agendas.